The Ambassador Bridge

This great bridge is a beautiful addition to the great city of detroit. thousands of people cross it per day, and it is often taken for granted, but the bridge is an old relic with a very interesting history.

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Military vehicles made in Detroit

“1941 U.S. Army needed a motorcycle for its combat divisions. Harley and Indians motorcycles completed 2 different models. U.S Army required 550 cc horsepower engines. Indian motorcycles met their requirements. Harley had a 750cc model already in production, with a few minor changes to meet U.S. Army needs. When tested, the soldiers liked the Harley over the Indian. The Army had both companies build their motorcycles. Over 13,000 of the 42’ WLA were produced, even fewer of the WLCs were produced…”

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this week’s topic: industrial Detroit.

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Detroit in WW2

“Two hundred thousand Detroiters had served in the armed forces. Over 100,000 Detroiters volunteered as firefighters, air raid wardens, and other wartime emergency workers. Those who were not involved on the front lines or in the factories felt the effects of the war through rationing, which affected all consumption, from gasoline to cigarettes and meat.

Downtown, the Guardian Building had been converted into a control center for war production. All of the city’s heavy industry had been channeled into military production. For three years, M-5 tanks, Jeeps, and B-24 bombers rolled off the assembly line instead of commercial automobiles. The first freeways, the Davison and Willow Run (I-94), were built…”

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Re: “‘Detroit Was Like Cheers: Everyone Knew Your Name”

this is an article from the atlantic I recommend it.

Detroit’s rebuilding plan

I found this slide show on the site The slide show shows what detroit’s plan is for rebuilding a city that’s taken a major beating over time. there’s some great statistics on the site and very shocking information.

see the slide show here.

BBC documentary

recently BBC did a documentary on detroit. I could not find the full video this was all I could find enjoy.